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Through EVsROAD.com, we aim to help millions of people around the world to make the right decision in buying the electric car that suits them.

We offer lists of the best electric vehicles by ratings and rider type, as well as reviews of electric vehicles.

Our Story

The inception of EVsROAD.com was deeply rooted in the personal journey of our visionary founder, Ismail Khouya. Inspired by a fervent passion for sustainable transportation, Ismail embarked on a transformational quest when he faced the daunting challenge of transitioning to electric mobility in his own life.

Ismail’s journey began with a profound realization – the transition to electric vehicles was not just about embracing a new technology, but about forging a path towards a more environmentally conscious future. As he navigated the intricacies of EV adoption, charging infrastructure, and green driving practices, he encountered a distinct lack of reliable and comprehensive resources for those who shared his electric dream.

The obstacles he faced became the catalyst for EVsROAD.com. The name itself reflects the idea of embarking on a transformative journey down the road of electric innovation. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences, Ismail embarked on a mission to create a platform that would fill the knowledge gap he had encountered.

Today, EVsROAD.com stands as a testament to Ismail’s unwavering commitment. This platform has evolved into an invaluable resource for electric vehicle enthusiasts and eco-conscious individuals alike. With a vibrant community of passionate contributors, we provide expert reviews of the latest EV models, guidance on charging infrastructure, tips for optimizing electric vehicle performance, and stories that inspire others to embrace the electric road.

The legacy of Ismail’s journey lives on through EVsROAD.com, where his personal struggle has blossomed into a thriving community of over 10,000 daily visitors. Their shared dedication to electric mobility is a testament to the impact of one individual’s vision and the boundless potential of sustainable transportation for generations to come.

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Ismail Khouya

is a seasoned SEO expert with a passion for sustainable transportation. As the founder of EVsROAD.com, he has successfully combined his expertise in search engine optimization with his commitment to promoting electric mobility. With a track record of driving organic growth and a deep understanding of the EV landscape, Ismail is dedicated to steering EVsROAD.com toward becoming a leading authority in the electric vehicle domain.

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