9 Fastest Electric Scooters in 2023 (Up to 80 MPH / 130 KMH)

In my journey through the electric scooter landscape, I’ve personally tested and experienced a myriad of models. The thrill of speed, combined with the convenience of portability, has made electric scooters a phenomenon.

Highlight: The Speed Kings of 2023

The quest for the fastest e-scooters led me to curate this exclusive list. Some of these models are rare gems, often elusive in the market:

Rion RE90 Hyper Scooter – 100 mph
Numo Slack Core 920R – 90 mph
Weped SST – 77.2 mph
Hunter Quad 2 x 2 – 70 mph
Bronco Extreme Sport 11 – 70 mph – 4,499.00
Dualtron X2 Up – 69 mph – $7,700.00
Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro+ – 65 mph – $3,195.00
Nami Burn-E 2 MAX
– 60 mph – $4,299.00

In the year 2018 alone, manufacturers sold more than 5 million electric scooters. Analysts predict that the cumulative population of electric scooters will surpass 500 million by the end of the year 2025. The market for electric scooters is growing at a fairly rapid speed. But they aren’t without their problems.

The basic problem that owners of electric scooters report is that they are too slow. The main reason behind this is the fact that in order to make electric scooters street legal, companies limit their speed. But what about those people who want electric scooters for private use?

We have a great piece of news for such enthusiasts. Electric scooter manufacturers are developing models that will not only provide the general benefits of an electric scooter but will be extremely fast as well. This article brings you the latest list of the 9 fastest electric scooters for adults tested by a working group EVsROAD.

So, let’s dive right into it!

Comparative Analysis: The Fastest E-Scooters of 2023

To aid your decision-making, I’ve crafted a detailed comparison table, presenting the world’s fastest electric scooters, ranked by their top speeds.

Nami Burn-E 2 MAX60 mph115 miles3,000 watts72 V32 Ah4-5 hours
Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro+65 mph110 miles4,000 watts60 V35 Ah11.6 hours
Dualtron X2 Up69 mph125 miles8,300 watts72 V42 Ah
Bronco Extreme Sport 1170 mph80 miles8,400 watts72 V35 Ah4.5 hours
Hunter Quad 2 x 270 mph120 miles14,000 watts72V75Ah
Weped SST77.2 mph60 miles33,000 watts72V45Ah
FS Hyper78.2 mph30,000 watts72 V50 Ah7.5 hours
Numo Slack Core 920R90 mph72V36 Ah
Rion RE90 Hyper100 mph100,000 watts96.6 V30 Ah

Below, we have a list of the world’s fastest electric scooters. We have arranged the list from the slowest to the top speed of the scooters.

Fastest Electric Scooter 60-70 MPH

We show you the best fast electric scooter 60 mph.

9. Nami Burn-E 2 MAX – 60 mph

Nami Burn-E 2 MAX


Price: $4,299.00

  • Top Speed: 60 mph
  • Range: 115 miles
  • Motor: 2x 1500w
  • Weight: 103 lbs
  • Load: 256 lbs

If you’re looking to enjoy an extremely powerful electric scooter, look no further than Nami Burn-E 2 Max. It has a top speed of 60 mph and offers the best ride quality possible on an electric scooter. Burn-E 2 max is laced with fully adjustable hydraulic shocks on the rear and the front. Thanks to this, it offers super smooth handling and a jerk-free ride.

The combination of hydraulic shocks and 11” tires is quite remarkable. You would be surprised to see the comfort of a scooter ride at over 50 mph. In addition to that, Nami Burn-E 2 Max offers 5 different customizable riding modes. You can adjust the torque of the rear and front motors while also limiting the acceleration and electric braking power of the scooter.

If the rider weight is limited to 150 pounds and you are cruising at a constant speed of 10 mph, the Nami Burn-E 2 Max boasts an optimal range of over 115 miles (185 km). Moreover, this high-performance electric scooter is equipped with a 72 V 32 Ah battery pack.

8. Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro+ – 65 mph

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro+


Price: $3,195.00

  • Top Speed: 65 mph
  • Range: 110 miles
  • Motor: 2x 2000w
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Load: 330 lbs

There was a time when Kaabo Wolf GT was the fastest electric scooter you could buy. But as time went on, the competitors of Kaabo produced faster electric scooters. With the new Wolf King GT Pro+ model, Kaabo has tried to reclaim the position of the fastest electric scooter in the world.

Though the company claims that this particular model can achieve a top speed of 60 mph, independent testing has revealed that the actual top speed is a bit higher. It can go up to 65 mph quite easily. All thanks to the powerful dual motors producing a power output of 4,000 watts.

The range of Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro+ is 110 miles (or 180 km), courtesy of the long-range battery pack and smart battery controllers. The powerful GT Pro+ can easily tackle an upward slope of up to 50 degrees. This shows that GT Pro+ is also an able off-road electric scooter.

7. Dualtron X2 Up – 69 mph

Dualtron X2 Up


Price: $7,700.00

  • Top Speed: 69 mph
  • Range: 125 miles
  • Motor: 8300w
  • Weight: 145 lbs
  • Load: 330 lbs

Dualtron needs no introduction in the world of electric scooters. Many of its models are capable of breaching the 60 mph mark quite easily. But X2 Up is something special. This model is capable of achieving a top speed of up to 69 mph.

The top speed is one thing. Even the range of X2 Up is extraordinary. On a single charge, it can go as far as 100 miles (or 160 km). Just like other members on this list, X2 Up is powered by dual motors capable of producing 4,150 watts each, taking the peak power up to 8,300 watts. These motors draw power from a huge battery pack of 72 V 42 Ah. 

The appearance of Dualtron X2 Up is very sporty. The most prominent feature on the exterior is the big shocks. This model is supported by hydraulic suspension on the front and back, due to which X2 Up is a capable off-road electric scooter. It can tackle muddy and uneven tracks of forests while comfortably riding up the mountains. X2 Up is a true beast of electric scooters.

From all the scooters I’ve tested in this category, this one truly stands out. I recall a time when I raced against a friend on a gas-powered bike, and it held its own impressively. It’s springs effectively absorb the impact from minor road imperfections, ensuring a smooth ride.

Read the full review about Dualtron Electric Scooters.

Fastest Electric Scooter 70-80 MPH

6. Bronco Extreme Sport 11 Electric Scooter – 70 mph

Bronco Extreme Sport 11

Bronco Xtreme Sport 11

Price: $4,499.00

  • Top Speed: 70 mph
  • Range: 80 miles
  • Motor: 2x 4200w
  • Weight: 105.6 lbs
  • Load: 330 lbs

If you’re looking to buy a hyper-fast electric scooter, the Bronco Extreme Sport 11 won’t disappoint you. Although Bronco is a fairly new entrant in the market of performance scooters, it has made one of the fastest electric scooters in the shape of Extreme Sport 11. 

Bronco Extreme Sport 11 is capable of achieving a top speed of up to 70 mph. It has a 0 to 50 mph time of 7.3 seconds only. The frame of this electric scooter has been meticulously crafted using aviation-grade T-6 aluminum. That’s why it is lightweight and ultra-fast.

Extreme Sport 11 is laced with dual motors capable of producing a healthy 8,400 watts of peak power. The motors of Extreme Sport 11 are powered by a 72 V 35 Ah battery pack. High-performance tires with ultra-wide profiles ensure that nothing keeps you from speeding.

One thing we love about Bronco scooters is that they have a wide-standing deck for the rider. Even with the Extreme Sport 11 model, the deck width is 12.2 inches. This is sufficient to accommodate people with the widest of feet. For a normal person, a wider deck means ease in standing while riding the scooter, and the ease factor becomes really important while riding a fast scooter.

5. Hunter Quad 2 x 2 – 70+ mph

Hunter Quad 2 x 2 is a capable off-road electric scooter that can achieve a top speed of 70 mph. The name quad very well aligns with the powertrain and chassis design of this scooter. Hunter Quad has four motors, four controllers, four suspensions, and four brake sets.

The quad motors of Hunter can produce a total of 14,000 watts. The motors draw power from either 72V 50Ah or 72V 75Ah lithium-ion battery pack. The thing that I love the most about this scooter is that even though it is a performance-oriented electric scooter, it still has a phenomenal range of up to 120 miles between charges.

Yes, you can go up to 120 miles on a single charge while riding on Hunter Quad 2 x 2, provided that you keep your speed between 25 and 35 mph. The electric scooter is equipped with 13-inch tubeless 165mm ultra-wide tires. These tires give you the necessary stability and control while traversing through narrow and twisted terrains. 

Some other key features of Hunter Quad 2 x 2 include a rear step plate, key fob, and steering dampener. While there is so much to love about this scooter, there is also the drawback of heavy curb weight. The scooter weighs 156 lbs which is quite heavy if you ask me. Other than that, it is a worthy option in the category of fast electric scooters.

4. Weped SST Electric Scooter– 77.2 mph

If you thought you were a Pro scooter rider, then let’s see if you can handle the insane speed of the Weped SST electric scooter. At a top speed of 77.2 mph, Weped SST will feel like flying off the handle. Therefore it is recommended for the use of professional racers and scooter riders only.

Weped SST features a heavy-duty exterior. One can tell from the looks that this is a racing scooter. The Weped SST electric scooter is laced with two brushless DC hub motors. Each can achieve a peak power output of 16,500W (16kW). This takes the total output of the scooter up to 33,000W. It is enough power to push Weped SST past 80 mph in less than 12 seconds. 

The insanely powerful Weped SST can conquer a 35-degree slope. The motors draw juice from a 72V 45Ah lithium-ion battery pack that takes 7.5 hours to charge on a fast charger. Even though performance scooters are not meant to have long-range still, Weped SST can go up to 60 miles while in Eco mode. However, the range is dropped to 21 miles if you’re flying at top speed. 

Mostly the scooter is made out of 6082-T6 aviation-grade aluminum alloy. The choice of material imparts the necessary agility and strength to the structure of the Weped SST electric scooter. Your rides can’t get any smoother than with the patented dual DamPing 4-Link suspension of Weped.

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Fastest Electric Scooter 80-90 MPH

3. FS Hyper Scooter – 78.2+ mph

Next up on our list is the FS Hyper-scooter, which is capable of going up to 78.2 mph. However, the company is claiming that the FS hyper-scooter can achieve a top speed of 90 mph, but that is yet to be tested, so we would refrain from speculation.

Even if it could breach the 90 mph mark, it won’t beat the Rion RE90 to capture the top spot. 78.2 mph or 90 mph, the FS hyper-scooter is capable enough to land on the 2nd spot in our list. To make it street-legal in certain countries, FS has decided to limit the speed to 20 mph or so.

Again, this super-fast electric scooter is powered by dual brushless motors. Each of these is capable of generating 15,000 watts of peak power, taking the total power output to 30,000 watts. Just to remind you about the insane power output of RE 90, 30 kW isn’t even half of 100 kW.

Nevertheless, the FS hyper-scooter can also satisfy your need for speed very well. The immensely powerful motors draw juice from a 72 V 50 Ah battery pack. On a fast charging station, it would take 7.5 hours to fully recharge the batteries of FS. This whole package weighs about 124 pounds.

Fastest Electric Scooter 90-100 MPH

2. Numo Slack Core 920R – 90 mph

Numo Slack Core 920R

Numo Slack Core 920R

Price: $8,000.00

  • Top Speed: 90 mph
  • Range: miles
  • Motor: x w
  • Weight: lbs
  • Load: lbs

Is every bit as powerful as Rion RE90. It seems like a normal scooter until you ride it. The high-torque motor of 920R is supported by a 72V 45 Ah battery pack. It can easily achieve a top speed of 90 mph.

From another perspective, 920R might be the fastest electric scooter for adults as the Rion RE90 doesn’t allow users to go past the speed limit of 80 mph. There is plenty of data to support that the Rion RE90 can easily cross 100 mph. On the other hand, limited data is available on the power characteristics of Numo Slack Core 920R. Therefore we cannot determine if it can beat Rion RE90 in a one-on-one race.

The design of the 920R electric scooter has been kept pretty simple on the outside, but if you go into detail, you will find out why it is so fast. Let’s take the choice of materials, for instance. Titanium is used to make the handlebar, pole, and ladder frame. They have crafted the front fork and swingarm from forged aluminum, and they’ve utilized liquid forging aluminum for the handle stem, front, and rear block.

The front parallel sustained suspension system and rear 165 mm hydraulic suspension system of 920R are there to provide you stability, cornering ability, and improved steering. The motors of an electric scooter this fast are sure to heat up. To avoid this scenario, a cooling system has been designed. Heat sinks for the rear and front controllers ensure that no heat is left inside the system. Numo Slack Core 920R is nothing short of an engineering marvel.

Fastest Electric Scooter Up to 100 MPH

1. Rion RE90 Hyper Scooter – 100 mph

It won’t be wrong to say that the electric scooters of Rion are just like the cars of Bugatti, the fastest ones out there. RE 90 is the latest arrival in the series of hyper-scooters by Rion.

During rigorous testing, Rion revealed that the RE 90 could even breach the 100 mph mark. However, to maintain drivability, Rion decided to limit the top speed to 80 mph. Rion has made it abundantly clear that they designed the RE 90 specifically for racing. You should not use it for your daily commute as it is too fast to handle.

Now, let’s talk about the specifications of Rion RE90. it weighs less than 60 pounds and utilizes dual brushless motors capable of producing a whopping 100,000 watts (100 kW) of maximum power. For such powerful motors, Rion has to supply the necessary electric current.

So, the batteries of RE 90 are also one of a kind. 96.6 V and 30 Ah battery of RE 90 packs 30 units of 21,700 high-capacity cells. To charge this large battery pack, RE 90 also features a fast charging capability. Using this feature, you can charge the battery pack of RE 90 from 0 to 100 in about four and a half hours. In short, RE 90 is a true engineering marvel. 

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Safety First: The Non-Negotiables

Before delving further into the world of speed, it’s imperative to underscore the importance of safety. Helmets are not just accessories; they’re vital. Night riders should prioritize high-visibility gear and bright lights. I can personally vouch for the life-saving potential of helmets and gloves.

A final thought about the Fastest Electric Scooters for Adults

Electric scooters are a great way of commuting between short distances. Kids use them to go to school, and adults use these electric scooters for daily chores. People riding electric scooters out of the metros to reach their homes is a very common sight.

Let’s admit that electric scooters are fun to drive, but they can be slow as molasses. But don’t worry. There are some electric scooters that are convenient to use and extremely fast as well. Many of the fastest electric scooters for adults can even breach the 60 mph mark quite easily.

But don’t ride these scooters without wearing safety gear first because 60 mph is a serious speed for someone riding an e-scooter. God forbid, if you fall at this speed, it can have severe consequences. So, always make safety your first priority while riding a fast electric scooter.

Finally, do you own an e-scooter? How fast does it go? If given a chance, which one of the fastest electric scooters would you like to own in the near future? Do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear back from you!

Fast Electric Scooter FAQs

How Fast Do Electric Scooters Typically Go?

Most electric scooters clock speeds between 15-25 mph. However, premium models can reach an astonishing 80-100 mph.

Which is the Market’s Fastest Electric Scooter?

Weped holds the title, boasting speeds up to 100 MPH. It’s a premium model with a price tag ranging from $12,000 to $20,000.

Are Fast Electric Scooters Safe for Riders?

Yes, with caution and wearing a helmet, gloves, and safety gear, the scooter is safer.

How Much Do the Fastest Electric Scooters Cost?

The price depends on the type of scooter, The market price ranges between $1,500 to $20,000. There are high-quality and very expensive categories.

What Scooter Goes 80 mph for Adults?

There are many e-scooters that go 80 mph like FS Hyper Scooter, Numo Slack Core 920R, Rion RE90, and All models of Weped.