8 Benefits of Tesla Window Tint

The average price of buying a Tesla in the US across all models and variants is $73,480.

Now, think of a person who would spend $73,480 (on average) to purchase a luxury segment car but wouldn’t mind driving without a window tint. Even if he knows that not having window tint will impact the driving range and AC performance of his car.

Well, for me, it is a no-brainer!

If you’re not convinced, here are the 8 benefits of Tesla window tint. We will also cover the average cost of getting a Tesla window tint, the best tint percentage for a Tesla, and which window type is best for Tesla owners.

Read on to know all this and much more!

What is a Window Tint?

Car windows are often covered with a thin film to control the amount of light that crosses the glass. This thin glass film is known as window tint.

Tinted windows present many benefits over clear glass. These include protection against harmful UV and infrared rays, glare reduction, elevated privacy, improved performance of AC, and increasing the driving range of electric cars.  

Do You Need a Tesla Window Tint?

Absolutely, yes. Like any other vehicle, Tesla cars are affected by the harmful effects of UV sun rays. If you want to protect the luxury interior of your Tesla from fading and peeling off, I suggest getting window tints immediately.

There are a bunch of other reasons, such as increased driving range and reduced battery drain, to get Tesla window tints. Each of these reasons and more will be discussed in the coming section on the benefits of Tesla tints. 

8 Benefits of Tesla Window Tint

In this section, I’ll try and convince you about the advantages of Tesla window tint. So, let’s get right into it.

1. Increased Driving Range

The worst thing that happens to a car without window tint is that too much sunlight enters it. Now, in the case of an electric car or a Tesla, to be more precise, too much sun would mean a higher cabin temperature. In order to bring this temperature down, you need to use AC.

By having tinted windows in your Tesla, you can prevent up to 70% of solar energy from entering the cabin. This means less work for the AC system. As a result, the battery power that is otherwise used to run the AC would go directly onto the wheels, giving you a longer driving range. 

2. Protection Against Shattered Glass

There are a ton of other benefits of window tinting, but the most important one is protection against shattered glass. Tesla is no different than other cars. Broken glass can have devastating consequences for you and your family in case of an accident. 

With tinted windows, the likelihood of a broken glass is reduced significantly. This is because tint film adheres so well with the glass that it acts as a reinforcement in the event of a collision. Even if the glass is broken, tint film prevents it from spreading everywhere.

3. Prevents Battery Drain

The same logic of decreased load due to a cooler cabin applies here as well. A good window tint can keep the cabin of your Tesla up to 50% cooler. Since AC draws power from the battery, a lower temperature would mean that less energy will be drawn by the AC.

This will help reduce battery drain and strain. It means that the battery of your Tesla will have a longer lifespan. I bet you have never looked at window tints in this way ever before.

4. Reduces Sun Glare

Another prominent benefit of Tesla window tinting is the assurance of glare-free driving. Even with all the fancy autopilot features of Tesla, it is important to focus on the road while driving. But the sun rays in the day and flashy headlights of other cars during nighttime can cause trouble.

Tesla glass tint provides a peaceful, glare-free driving experience by toning down the intensity of light rays passing through the windows of your Tesla.

5. Protects Against Harmful UV Rays

You must know that the sun emits high-intensity UV rays. Extended exposure to UV rays can cause sunburns, irritation, itchiness, premature skin aging, and melanomas. 

Window tint in Tesla is an effective way to block up to 99% of all kinds of harmful UV radiation. Additionally, 97% of infrared rays will also be kept out.

6. Maintain a Cool Cabin

Your Tesla will enjoy the extended benefits of a cooler cabin in the form of reduced battery drain and increased driving range. But what about the cooler cabin itself? Isn’t that a benefit?

Having window tints in your Tesla can enhance the AC’s performance. Tint film blocks the majority of heat waves from entering the cabin, leading to more effective air conditioning. 

7. Longer lifespan for interior

Tesla cars use a combination of plastic and fabric for the interior. Extended exposure of plastic and fabrics to sunlight can cause fading. This gives a very bad look to the interior of your Tesla. 

Now, having a window tint will ensure a longer lifespan for the interior of your beloved Tesla. This is because tint film will protect the interior against the harmful effects of sunlight radiation. 

8. Gives You Privacy

What good is a $100k car if you have to deal with prying eyes every now and then? A suitable window tint in your Tesla will give you an elevated sense of privacy. You can enjoy cherished moments with your loved ones in peace.

What type of Window Tint is the Best for Tesla? 

Window tint films can be made out of various materials. There are many different types of window tints based on these materials. Here are the most common types of window tints:

  • Carbon Tint is the most popular choice for window tinting. 
  • Ceramic Tint is regarded as the best type of window tint overall.
  • Crystalline Tint is the most subtle option among all window tints.
  • Metallic Tint can mess up the electronic systems of your Tesla.
  • Dyed Tint will not last long and is prone to color change and fading.
  • Hybrid Tint can also interfere with the electronic systems of your Tesla.

So, the question arises: which type of window tint is best for your Tesla? Well, my first choice will be ceramic tint. It is widely regarded as the best type of window tint. But it is slightly more expensive than other tinting options.

In that case, you can opt for a carbon tint. It is almost as good as a ceramic tint with some shortcomings, such as ineffective glare reduction. But it will work for you.

Metallic and hybrid are no choice at all since they interfere with the cutting-edge electronic features of your Tesla. As far as crystalline and dyed tints are concerned, they have an extremely short lifespan, so it is not a wise choice.

What Level of Window Tint Percentage is the Best for Tesla?

There are five different levels of common window tint percentages in the US. 

  • 20 window tint is the darkest of all. It gives you the best dark experience.
  • 25 window tint is the way to go if you feel like 20 is way too dark for your taste.
  • 35 window tint provides the perfect balance of visible light and UV blockage. 
  • 50 window tint is a great choice if you live in an area with long winters.
  • 70 window tint is compliant with window tint laws of almost all states.

The single most important thing to consider before getting window tints in your Tesla is your state legislature. Look at the window tint percentages allowed in your state. Then you can decide according to your preference.

Things to Avoid While Getting Tesla Window Tint

I’ve listed almost all the things you need to do to get a Tesla window tint. Now, let’s look at some things you should never do while choosing a window tint for your Tesla.

Installing Metalized Tint

All Tesla models are fitted with high-end electronic features. If you choose to get a metalized tint, it might interfere with the working of advanced features such as blind spot monitoring, navigation, and autopilot. All these features rely on wave-based feedback from sensors. A metalized tint, being a conductor, can mess up those signals. So, avoid installing a metalized tint in your Tesla. 

Choosing Cheap Window Tint

Tesla models and cheap accessories don’t go well. So, avoid choosing cheap window tint at all costs if you hold dear the interior of your Tesla. 

Getting Tint With Seams

Tesla models have been designed with bold and sleek looks. Having patchy window tints isn’t going to help you with the looks. Some tint shops might give you great deals, but they would apply small patches of window tint from leftover rolls. Avoid getting such cheap window tint service for your Tesla at all costs.

Doing it Yourself

Window tinting is something that looks a hell of a lot easier than it actually is. Never, and I repeat never, try to apply window tint on Tesla yourself. You might end up damaging the glass later.

Cost of Tesla Window Tint

The average cost of Tesa Window in the US starts from $300, and it can go up to $2,000. It depends on three main factors:

  1. Which Tesla model do you own?
  2. Do you want a tinted windshield?
  3. Which type of tint you’re getting?

Let’s have a look at the window tint costs of different Tesla models in the US.

Cost of Tesla Model S Window Tint

  • Ceramic Tint: $700
  • Ceramic With Windshield: $1,100
  • Carbon Tint: $500
  • Carbon Tint With Windshield: $800
  • Other Tints: $400
  • Other Tints With Windshield: $600

Cost of Tesla Model X Window Tint

  • Ceramic Tint: $900
  • Ceramic With Windshield: $2,000
  • Carbon Tint: $700
  • Carbon Tint With Windshield: $1,500
  • Other Tints: $700
  • Other Tints With Windshield: $900

Tesla Model 3 Window Tint Cost

  • Ceramic Tint: $750
  • Ceramic With Windshield: $1,050
  • Carbon Tint: $550
  • Carbon Tint With Windshield: $850
  • Other Tints: $350
  • Other Tints With Windshield: $500

Cost of Tesla Model Y Window Tint

  • Ceramic Tint: $600
  • Ceramic With Windshield: $950
  • Carbon Tint: $400
  • Carbon Tint With Windshield: $700
  • Other Tints: $300
  • Other Tints With Windshield: $400