Tesla Model X 7 Seater (Pros and Cons)

Most 7-seater SUVs available on the market aren’t 7-seaters in reality. The choices are even more limited when it comes to electric 7-seater cars.

In this scenario, the Tesla Model X comes as a sigh of relief for many. It is offered in a 7-seat configuration by the company.

But is it worth it to buy a Tesla Model X 7-seater? This article will answer this question by discussing the pros and cons of the Tesla Model X 7-Seater in detail.

So, let’s jump right into it.

Pros and Cons of Tesla Model X 7-seater


  • Seating for 7 people.
  • 88 cubic feet of cargo space.
  • Only pay $3k extra for 3rd row.
  • Easy entry and exit feature for 3rd row.
  • Doesn’t compromise on safety.
  • Standard Tesla benefits.


  • Reduced driving range.
  • Not comfortable enough for adults taller than 5’7”.
  • No latches for kids.

An Overview of Tesla Model X 7-Seater

Tesla Model X 7-seater is an electric crossover SUV that can fit up to 7 people. The addition of 3rd row of seating will cut down the luggage storage of the Tesla Model X, but it adds seating for two more people. Tesla Model X has one of the most spacious interiors for an SUV.

Tesla Model X is an exceptional electric SUV. It comes with an all-wheel drive configuration. Model X is laced with 2 AC synchronous motors that can produce a combined output of 670 hp. EPA estimates the range of Model X 7-seater to be around 348 miles.

It is important to note that only the Long Range variant of Tesla Model X has been offered as a 7-seater. In contrast, the X Plaid trim of Model X comes with standard seating for five persons. 

Benefits of Owning a Tesla Model X 7-Seater

In this section, I’ll try to convince you about the benefits of owning a Tesla Model X 7-seater. So, let’s get right into it.

1. More Seating Capacity

Almost all standard sedans and crossover SUVs come with a seating capacity of five. It was Tesla that introduced the concept of a 7-seater mid-sized crossover. 

Thanks to the longer wheelbase and spacious cabin design of Model X, it can fit up to 7 people. The last two seats might not be comfortable for adults, but they are seats nonetheless. 

2. Low Cost But Higher Benefits

Tesla Model X comes as a standard 5-seater crossover. However, for an additional $3k, you can add the 3rd row of seating, which is a bargain, to be honest.

It is true that the Model X 7-seater is much more expensive than the Model Y 7-seater, but it offers better range, acceleration, and performance.

The base price of the Model X 7 seater starts at $81,630, and for an additional $3k, you can add a 3rd row of seating. Hence, you will end up paying $84,630 for the Tesla Model X 7-seater. This price is before tax credits and discounts. 

3. Ease of Entry

Getting in and out of a 7-seater car is a graceless maneuver, but the Tesla Model X has alleviated this grievance to an extent. The latest version of the Model X 7-seater comes with a flat-folding second row of seating, a feature that was missing from the older variants.

An easy entry and exit feature has been introduced in the all-new Model X 7-seater. All you need to do is simply press the ingress button located on the side of your second-row seats. 

This way, you can tilt and flat fold the second-row seats, allowing for easy entry and exit for the 3rd row of seating. The situation is different if you own a Model X with mono-post seats.

4. Third Row Features

The third row of the Tesla Model X 7-Seater comes with a range of features. The third-row seats can be flat-folded with the electronic fold-flat release function of Tesla. 

In addition to that, you can use the 3rd-row ingress button located behind the headrest of second-row seats. This allows for easy exit and entry for rear passengers.

5. Comfort

Model X 7-seater is as comfortable as a mid-sized SUV with seven seats can get. It might not be the best 7-seater out there in terms of comfort, but it doesn’t have any competitor in its own league. 3rd row of Model X is very comfortable for kids and shorter adults under 5’7”. 

6. Exceptional Safety

Safety has always been at the core of the design ideology of Tesla. Model X is no different from the other models. It has been awarded the highest possible five-star safety rating by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

The addition of a third row of seating has not made the Tesla Model X less safe. In fact, it has scored exceptionally well in the category of rear passenger safety.

7. Uncompromised Luggage Room

While many think that a 3rd row of seating will deplete the luggage storage capacity of Model X, that is certainly not the case. There is considerable space under the second and third rows of seating. You can carry small luggage there as well.

However, for transporting larger suitcases, you always have the option of collapsing the second and third rows of seating. By doing so, you can extend the luggage storing capacity of Model X 7-seater by up to 88 cubic feet. This is by far the largest cargo space for any car in this category.

8. Standard Tesla Benefits

Last but not least, the biggest advantage of owning a Model X 7-seater is that you can enjoy all the standard Tesla benefits. Features such as autopilot and 250 kW fast charging might not be there in other electric 7-seaters.

The biggest benefit of all is the access to the supercharger network of Tesla. This is the reason why most people are buying Tesla cars. 

Where other fast chargers will charge you $40 per charge (depending upon the range, battery size, and other parameters), using a Tesla supercharger will only cost up to $25. That is more than 40% savings on charging costs.

Downsides of Owning a Tesla Model X 7-Seater

In this section, I’ll mention the potential downsides of owning a Tesla Model X 7-seater. So, let’s get right into it.

1. Compromised Driving Range

It’s good to have a 7-seater car, but it would come at the cost of a compromised driving range if it wasn’t originally designed as a 7-seater vehicle. The problem with the Tesla Model X 7-seater is that it has been converted to a 7-seater.

The battery and range of Model X have been designed to endure an optimal load of five passengers. When seven people are sitting, the range automatically takes a drastic dip. As opposed to the claimed 348 miles, you would be lucky to get 250 miles out of it.

2. Not Comfortable for Adults

3rd row has a headroom and legroom of 37.1” and 32.3”, respectively. It is better than most mid-sized 7-seaters but certainly not the most comfortable for full-grown adults. It would not be suitable for seating individuals taller than 5’7”. 

3. No Latches for Kids

The ideal use of 3rd row of the Tesla Model X is to carry children. But it doesn’t have latches to fasten kid cots. This is why it is recommended to carry small children in the second row instead of the third one.

Should You Buy a Tesla Model X 7 Seater?

The list of pros outweighs the list of cons of the Tesla Model X 7-seater. So, on its own, it is a great choice for any family with 3-4 kids. Plus, the swift acceleration and performance of the Tesla Model X can lure anyone into buying it.

But the question arises: how does the Model X 7-seater fare against its rivals? Primarily, you can compare the Tesla Model X with the Rivian R1S, Genesis GV60, Cadillac Lyriq, and Audi e-Tron. But none of these vehicles are true 7-seaters, with the exception of Rivian R1S.

But it is a bit more expensive in comparison to the Tesla Model X. So, it really comes down to your individual choice and preference.

If you’re getting all the Tesla benefits, and that too at a better price, I think you should take it.