Everything to Know About Apple’s Electric Car

The Apple iCar, also known as the Apple electric car, is rumored to be a self-driving electric car being developed by Apple Inc. The company is known for its iPhone, iPad, and Mac products.

The Apple iCar is expected to be a level-5 autonomous vehicle that incorporates advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and LiDAR. It will provide a safer and more efficient driving experience.

We don’t have much official information about Apple’s electric car at the moment. But there are certain rumors floating around this futuristic car.

Let’s see what we know so far about it!

Is Apple Working on Car Tech? Apple’s Car Development History

Yes, Apple has been working on car technology for more than nine years now. As an initial effort, in 2014, Apple launched the Apple CarPlay. It is a system that integrates with the infotainment system of your car. Apple CarPlay allows drivers to access and control their iPhones from the infotainment screen of their cars.

In an attempt to develop an electric vehicle, Apple began its efforts in 2015. A project called “Project Titan” was started with hundreds of engineers working on it. The aim of this project was to release an electric car with self-driving features by 2019.

However, in 2016, due to some issues, Apple decided to scale back on its ambitions for Project Titan. The company shifted its focus from making a self-driving car to developing software for autonomous vehicles. This seemed like a more sound approach as the company specializes in providing tech solutions rather than auto manufacturing.

Apple was said to be testing autonomous vehicles on public roads, and the company later confirmed that it was indeed working on autonomous systems for cars. In 2017, Apple received a permit from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to test autonomous vehicles on public roads. The company was reportedly testing its self-driving technology with a fleet of Lexus SUVs.

Since then, there have been few updates on Apple’s car development efforts. Reports have suggested that the company is still working on autonomous driving technology, and it has partnered with several automakers to integrate its self-driving systems into their vehicles.

In 2021, it came to light that Apple is in talks with Toyota and Korean automakers to commence the production of the Apple iCar by 2024. Tim Cook said that it was Steve Jobs’s vision to manufacture an iCar under the banner of Apple. So, it is clear that Apple will somehow keep indulging in autonomous vehicle technology.

When Apple’s Electric Car Will Be Launched?

Apple has not officially announced a release date for its electric car, and it is not clear when the company plans to launch the vehicle. Many believe that the development of iCar has faced several setbacks, and the launch timeline may have been delayed.

In early 2021, it was reported that Apple was in talks with Hyundai and Kia to manufacture its electric car. If that collaboration had succeeded, the Apple electric car could have been launched as early as 2024. However, those talks reportedly fell apart.

The latest news about the timeline of Apple’s electric car launch was received in late 2022. It was reported that Apple had scaled back from the idea of manufacturing an electric car without a steering wheel and foot pedals. Mind you; this was going to be a level-4 or 5 autonomous vehicle.

Considering the current market dynamics, Apple decided to take a more traditional approach. The Apple iCar would look like any other car on the market. It will have self-driving features, and the company aims to sell a consumer model of iCar by 2026.

It’s worth noting that developing a car is a complex and expensive process, and it often takes years to bring a new vehicle to market. Apple has a history of being tight-lipped about its plans, so it’s difficult to predict when the company will officially announce its electric car or when it will be available to consumers.

What Would Apple’s Electric Car Be Like?

Sooner or later, we will get our hands on Apple’s electric car. But what would that be like? Let’s discuss its self-driving features, interior, exterior, and safety in this section.

Self-Driving Features

Apple shifted its focus to developing software for autonomous vehicles (AVs). So, if there is one thing you can be sure about is that Apple iCar will have self-driving features. As I already mentioned that Apple’s initial plan was to develop an autonomous car without steering or foot pedals. Later it decided to take a conventional route. But you never know. The company can again decide to shift its focus to developing a level-5 AV(fully autonomous vehicle).

Even if Apple iCar is unable to provide a fully autonomous driving experience, it will have all the self-driving features offered by level-3 AVs. It will be able to self-drive on highways and main roads without any input from the driver. Moreover, the ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) features such as adaptive cruise control, lane assistance, lane correction, automatic parking, and automated emergency braking will be standard.

Apple iCar will use a combination of high-end cameras and LiDAR sensors to sense the surrounding obstacles. Later this information will be used by software to decide the course of acceleration, steering, and braking.

Interior and Exterior

As far as the interior goes, it would be a lavish one. We expect nothing less from Apple, which is known for producing expensive and luxurious products. If Apple iCar features level-5 self-driving features, then it won’t have a driver cockpit at all. A level-5 autonomous car, by definition, is one which does not require inputs from the driver.

Apple iCar will have a lounge-type interior. All the riders will be seated as if they’re sitting around a restaurant table. This would help in keeping the interior spacious and comfortable. We can expect to have recliners or lounge chairs in Apple iCar. The car will also feature a large infotainment screen to display the navigation and routes.

The main highlight of the exterior will be a sensor suite on the roof, which will include cameras, radars, and LiDAR, to help the car navigate and avoid obstacles on the road. The body would have smooth corners in order to keep aerodynamic drag to a minimum.


A few years back, an electric car with a range of 250 miles was considered remarkable. Soon, electric cars breached the 300 miles mark, and recently Lucid Air was able to go as far as 500 miles on a single charge. So, if technology keeps progressing at the same pace, it isn’t long before we get our hands on the first electric car with 1,000 miles driving range.

The driving range of an electric car is a subjective issue. It is affected by external factors such as temperature, stop-and-go traffic, and air resistance. Despite all that, we would expect nothing less than 500 miles on a single charge from the Apple iCar.  

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Charging and Battery Tech

Apple iCar will use the latest charging and battery tech. The fast-charging capability has become quite normal. With Tesla boasting a charging time of less than 30 minutes, Apple iCar would be somewhere around that mark as well. But Apple iCar would be laced with something more special.

Apple has been a pioneer of many advanced features in smartphones. The company plans on doing the same with cars. Apple is trying to get a patent for wireless vehicle charging. It is still unclear how apple would do it, but there is a rumor going around that iCar would be laced with wireless charging capability. In addition to that, being a level-5 autonomous car, it will be able to self-drive to a charging station and charge itself.

Another feature of iCar charging tech will be V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) charging. It means that Apple iCar would be able to draw power from other apple cars to recharge its batteries. In short, the battery and charging tech of Apple would be something to look for.

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The idea of a level-5 AV is that it will be perfectly safe to drive. Previously the concept of a safe car was that it had multiple airbags, and the chassis design was sturdy to withstand any collision. But the definition of safety for an AV is different. It will obviously have safety hardware, including belts and airbags. But its safety would depend upon cutting-edge AV technology.

It is hard to say if Apple iCar would be able to crack the code for a perfect Autonomous vehicle. But even without level-5 autonomy, Apple iCar will have the necessary safety features to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers in the event of a collision.

Final Word, Apple’s Electric Car

We’ve covered everything to know about Apple’s electric car in this article. Most of the details are collected via independent sources, and they can’t be corroborated by authentic sources. Nonetheless, we can imagine what it could be like driving the Apple iCar.

The car would be laced with cutting-edge technology and possibly a level-5 autonomous driving ability. If that’s true, iCar will shape the future of the automotive industry in so many ways.

What do you think about Apple’s electric car? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you guys!