What are EV Charging Station Contractors?

The running decade saw a massive leap in the popularity of electric vehicles. But certain problems are preventing electric vehicles from reaching a common person. One of these problems is the access to EV charging stations.

In the year 2022 alone, more than 6 million electric cars were sold, bringing the total number of electric cars close to 20 million. But the question arises are there sufficient charging stations to cater to all these electric cars? Well, for now, the answer is no.

And this is where EV charging station contractors would come in. They will help to close the supply-demand gap between electric car charging stations. So, let’s see what an EV charging contractor is, how it works, and how you can become an EV charging contractor.

Let’s get right into it!

What are EV Charging Station Contractors?

EV charging station contractors are licensed private companies or individual(s) who help plan, set up, install, energize, and maintain an EV charging station.

What Does an EV Charging Station Contractor Do?

EV charging station contractors are primarily planning and construction firms. They specialize in setting up EV charging stations. If you’re a private investor, you may contact an EV charging station contractor firm to install an EV charging station on your premises.

An EV charging station contractor would come in, and they will analyze the area where the charging station is going to be set up. After a detailed feasibility survey, the EV charging station contractors would make a detailed cost breakdown. That should cover the cost of an EV charger, the initial startup cost, and licensing charges.

If you give a green signal to proceed with the electric vehicle charging station construction, the contractor will bring in the supplies and commence the work. They will plan the best use of the area from an engineering perspective and help you minimize the setup cost.

Even after the setup is complete, EV charging station contractor services are needed as the maintenance, and regular inspection of any public EV charging point is a must. So, the EV charging contractor stays relevant as long as the EV charger is live.

Is it Worth it to Become an EV Charging Station Contractor?

Yes, becoming an EV charging station contractor is worth it. They charge up to several thousand dollars for planning, installing, and energizing an EV charging station. In addition to that, they charge subscription fees to maintain the charging station.

Only in the US alone, at least 700,000 level 2 and 70,000 level 3 EV charging stations are required to cater to the current electric cars population. The USA and many other countries plan to achieve a Net Zero Emission Scenario by 2035. We would have many more electric cars on the roads with no charging infrastructure.

So, there is a big gap when it comes to the setup of public charging stations. By 2030, the US will have as many as 18 million electric cars. Now for a million electric cars that are running in the US, they have 50,000 public EV charging stations and 130,000 home chargers. And if reports are to be believed US needs at least 2 million EV charging stations by 2030.

The scenario is the same in the majority of countries. So, yes, there is a huge upside in becoming an EV charging contractor. The world needs millions of EV charging stations annually, and the demand won’t die down, at least for a few decades.

How to Become an EV Charging Station Contractor?

There are two main business models when it comes to becoming an EV charging station contractor. Either you can become an independent charging station contractor or an EV charging station contractor for an established company.

Independent EV Charging Station Contractors:

The first and foremost step towards becoming an EV charging station contractor is getting a license or certification. Different laws are applicable in each country. In some countries, government certifies the EV charging station contractor.

In order to get this certification, you must take some courses and pass a few tests. Once you’ve got the license, you can start a private EV charging station contractor firm. You may advertise your expertise in setting up an EV charging station to attract more clients.

Partner With an Established EV Charging Station Manufacturer:

The first step of getting certification or license from a central regulatory body stays the same in both models. In this particular model. Once you get your license, you can join an approved program of a renowned EV charging station contractor or manufacturer.

For example, ChargePoint offers a program to induct private EV charging station contractors and installers. This way, you don’t have a worry about the supply chain of the EV charging station, as there would be an established manufacturer backing you.

Also, ChargePoint has a considerable reputation among electric vehicle owners, so you can avoid the hustle and struggle of landing new clients. But this would also mean that you have to share your profits with the partner firm. The bigger player gets the better side of the deal, so that’s a potential drawback when it comes to partnering up with an EV charging station contractor.

Final Word, What are EV Charging Station Contractors?

We saw that EV charging station contractors are the key players if we have to increase the population of electric cars. Increasing the number of electric cars without as many charging stations would be pointless.

Many companies, ChargePoint, EVBox, and Star Charge, are trying to resolve the issue of EV charging in far-off locations. In addition to that, multiple private contractors plan, set up, and maintain an EV charging station for you.

Anyone with a license can become an EV charging station contractor. In fact, for people who already own retail shops, it is an excellent opportunity for them. They can boost their main business and also make a sizeable income from charging stations. We foresee that EV charging station contractors will grow in popularity rapidly.

You can also become a part of this growing network of EV charging contractors. If you have any questions on your mind, feel free to ask. We would love to provide any help!