Updated, Top 4 Fastest Electric Bikes List

Electric bikes are becoming popular by the day. But most users complain that their bikes are either too slow or don’t perform up to expectations. The main reason behind that is the legal restriction that binds manufacturers to limit the speed of electric bikes to a certain level.

Still, there is a huge market for fast electric bikes. Despite the legal limitations, you can still ride a fast electric bike on private roads and offroad tracks. So, the competition for producing the fastest electric bikes is heating up. Records are being created every day.

So, here is the updated list of the top 4 fastest electric bikes on the market!

Top 4 Fastest Electric Bikes

1. SWIND EB-01 – 80 mph

SWIND EB-01 is officially the fastest electric bike now. The top speed of EB-01 was limited to 60 mph, but fine-tuned models have touched the 80 mph mark. And why not if you have a rear-hub motor that is capable of producing a mind-blowing 15,000 watts.

The bike offers three different modes. The motor power is limited to 1,000 watts in the first mode and bumps up to 6,000 watts in the second mode. The final and third mode is what makes SWIND EB-01 a special bike. Let’s analyze the things which make EB-01 the fastest electric bike.

First is the frame. The body of EB-01 is meticulously fabricated using high-grade aluminum and carbon fiber. The choice of material keeps the frame lightweight and flexible.

The second most important factor is the battery. The 1.75 Wh battery pack offers way better mileage per Wh, which means that the battery is light, yet it packs more power. EB-01 weighs three times less compared to its competitors.

EB-01 can only give a range of up to 35 miles if you’re riding at 60 mph. Long-range is not a virtue of performance electric bikes. The range can be extended by as much as 50% if you keep a lighter hand on the throttle. EB-01 is also laced with fast-charging technology. It takes less than 2 hours to fully rejuice its battery pack.

While EB-01 shows promise on urban roads, it is equally capable of undertaking offroad challenges. Two main factors that add to the offroad capability of EB-01 are the 24” x 3” fat tires and its suspension.

EB-01 uses RockShox vivid RC2 air shocks that are unlike any other on the market. These shocks have a travel allowance of 220 mm, ensuring that your ride is jerk-free. It is coupled with an inverted DVM fork which provides an additional 200 mm travel.

The most important components of EB-01 are its brakes. The dual front hydraulic disc brakes with 205 mm rotors are a treat to just look at. Don’t even ask about its performance. People have tipped over and got injured after applying full brakes.

This brings us to a vital question. Is EB-01 safe to ride? Well, 80 mph is not a safe speed to ride a bike. But if you do, make sure that you are wearing complete safety gear to avoid injuries in case of an accident.


HPC Revolution XX is one of the fastest electric bikes on the market today. According to the company, it has a top speed of 70+ mph. Real road testing has revealed that it can go up to 74 mph on a perfectly flat surface.

The extra bump of 4-6 mph is the result of pedaling power added at the top of peak motor power. Thanks to the 38T/95T equivalent planetary geared chain ring, pedal power is directly fed into the main powertrain of the XX model.

Revolution XX is equipped with a powerful motor. This motor uses a special 2T thick copper winding to produce a phenomenal 10,000 watts or 13.4 hp. The peak power can also surge touch beyond the 10,000 mark. This motor can take the unloaded top speed of 102 mph.

Since 70-80 mph is a high speed for an electric bike, so it was necessary to equip XX with a set of powerful brakes. This bike is laced with the Magura MT7et hydraulic brakes. The brakes use MDR-P rotors of 220 mm diameter to ensure a short stopping distance. 

The suspension of Revolution XX can be finely tuned according to the rider’s weight. The DVO Onyx DC1 fork used in this bike allows 203 mm suspension travel, which means that you can cross deep potholes without even knowing it. Plus, a special DVO Jade coil connects the rear fork to the middle body. This provides XX model with an additional flexibility of 9 inches.

Regular steel or aluminum bodies cannot handle the speed at which XX rides. Rather, the frame is made from special-purpose carbon fiber, and the side panels are reinforced with Kevlar fabric.

A windscreen in the front makes it possible for the rider to take XX up to a speed of 70 mph. The windscreen not only acts as a shield but also directs the airflow in a streamlined pattern to give you a speed bump.

Performance bikes are not supposed to have a long-range, but Revolution XX will surprise you in this regard. It has a marvelous range of over 100 miles due to the custom-made 150A battery management system of HPC bikes. All in all, Revolution XX is an amazing option if you’re looking for a fast electric bike.

3. Stealth B-52 – 50 mph

If you are looking for an electric bike that is safe and sane and yet gives you an exhilarating feeling, then Stealth B-52 won’t disappoint you. It has a decent range, an exciting top speed, and enough power to satisfy your need for speed.

B-52 combines your muscle power with the output from a brushless DC hub motor to give a top speed of up to 50 mph or 80 kph. It is laced with a powerful motor with a peak power output of 6,200 watts or 8.3 hp.

The bike itself weighs 140 lbs which is decent if you consider the size of its frame and batteries. B-52 uses a specially designed 6-speed Hex Box transmission to ensure a seamless transfer of power between wheels and motor. This gearbox is extremely efficient. Plus, it replaces the traditional levers for changing the gears with a new electromechanical push button system.

The design of this transmission has been thought through. A separate power supply is provided to power the electromechanical mechanism of B-52. This is done so that you are able to shift gears even when the batteries run out of juice.

Stealth B-52 comes with a decent battery pack of 2.5 kWh. You can charge this bike at any normal house socket of 3-7 kW. As B-52 is laced with fast charging technology, it takes only 3 hours to fully recharge its battery.

Suspension is another thing you will like about the B-52 fast electric bike. It has rear and front forks with 180 mm and 200 mm travel. This allows you to ride on bumpy terrains and uneven roads. Custom-made hydraulic brakes with 4 piston-cylinder arrangement is another great feature.

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4. Delfast Top 3.0 – 50 mph

Lastly, we have the Delfast top 3.0 electric bike. It comes in three different versions. The top speed of the first two is limited to 20 mph to make them street-legal in most countries. It is the third and last variant that gives you jaw-dropping performance.

Top 3.0 unlimited motor power version can achieve a top speed of up to 50 mph, thanks to the powerful motors churning out 3,000 watts. If you’re looking for a fast electric bike with a long-range, then Delfast Top 3.0 has got to be your top choice.

Under ideal conditions, the company claims that it can go up to 200 miles on a single. This means that Top 3.0 is not only one of the fastest electric bikes, but it is also among the longest-range electric bikes. To top it all, Delfast 3.0 is affordable. Unlike other bikes on this list which cost up to $20,000, it is available for sale at under $6,200.

The long-range of Top 3.0 is courtesy of an intelligent and efficient battery. It is laced with a 72V 48Ah lithium-ion battery pack with a Bluetooth smart battery management system. The company guarantees 100,000 miles on this battery pack and an estimated 500 charging cycles.

The power delivery is another thing to admire about this bike. Top 3.0 uses a carbon belt drive transmission system for optimal performance. The peak torque of this powertrain is capped at 182 Nm or 135 lb-ft. Thanks to this, it can climb steep slopes with ease. Top 3.0 is a package you simply can’t ignore. If I was buying a fast electric bike, then this would be my choice.

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Final Word, Fastest Electric Bikes

So here you go, this is the list of the top 4 fastest electric bikes. There’s no dispute about the number one and two spots, but there are a bunch of other bikes that can achieve a speed of up to 50 mph, so they might be eligible for spots 3 and 4. But I chose Stealth B-52 and Top 3.0 due to their spectacular specs.

I hope you liked the article. What are your thoughts about owning a fast electric bike? Let us know in the comments below!