2023 Tesla Model Y Review, Prices & Performance

The 2023 Tesla Model Y is offered at a competitive starting price of $47,490. Even at this price, it offers trademark Tesla acceleration, autopilot features, and a decent range. With a lot of customization options and at least five exterior color options, Tesla Model Y is an amazing prospect in the category of mid-range electric cars.

Read on the detailed 2023 Tesla Model Y review!

The Best of Tesla Model Y

  • Acceleration is quite improved from previous models.
  • An optional 3rd row of seating is available for an extra $3,000.
  • You get access to the premium Supercharger network of Tesla.
  • The Long Range trim has an impressive range of 330 miles.
  • Model Y offers plenty of cargo and cabin space.

The Worst of Tesla Model Y

  • The large infotainment screen is a distraction.
  • Just like other Teslas, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are missing.
  • Build quality is quite poor.

Tesla Model Y Pricing and Trims

Tesla Model Y is offered in three different trim levels. One is the base variant. Next up, you get a Long Range trim that offers the best value for money, and at last, there is the Performance trim of Model Y. Let’s see the pricing of each of these trims.

The pricing of the base Model Y starts at $47,490, while the Long Range trim will be available for $50,490. Finally, the pricing of the Model Y Performance trim is set at $54,490. All three trims have been closely priced this time.

There are a few differences going from the base to the top variant. We will highlight the similarities and differences across variants in the upcoming section.

Motor Power, Performance, and Top Speed

Previously, the base trims of Tesla Model Y were offered in rear-wheel configuration. However, this time around, the company has decided to drop the rear-wheel drive option. Instead, all three trims are offered in an all-wheel drive configuration.

AWD offers smoother power delivery which results in greater drivetrain efficiency. The users love the swift acceleration response of Model Y. The AWD configuration also plays an important role in the extended range of the Tesla Model Y.

The dual motor arrangement of Long Range trim can produce a combined output of 384 hp at a torque of 376 lb-ft. It can breach the 60 mph mark in about 4.8 seconds. This is 0.2 seconds faster than the base trim of Model Y.

The Performance trim uses slightly more powerful motors. Tesla Model Y Performance is laced with powerful dual motors churning out 456 hp at an impressive torque of 479 lb-ft. Performance trim can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds and achieve a government-governed top speed of 155 mph.

Range and MPGe

The range is everything when it comes to an EV. Features, power, comfort, and convenience are one thing, but the range is the deciding factor in the purchase decision of many EV buyers. A long range ensures that you won’t be left hanging with your car in the middle of nowhere.

People are impressed by the amazing range figures of the Tesla Model Y. The base variant, which draws juice from a smaller battery pack, can go as far as 279 miles on a single charger. The best of all is the Long Range trim. As the name indicates, it has been designed to maximize the range.

Long Range Tesla Model Y will give you an impressive range of up to 330 miles. However, the driving range drops to 303 miles for the Performance trim. The reason behind this range drop is the fact that Performance trim is intended for sporty usage, and it offers high performance.

The exceptional range stats of the Tesla Model Y are the result of its efficient battery pack. According to EPA estimates, the Long Range trim of the Model Y will give an MPGe of  127 in the city and 117 on the highway, and 122 combined. Similarly, the Performance trim of the Model Y will give an MPGe of  115 in the city and 106 on the highway, and 110 combined.

Battery Size and Charging Time

The 2023 Tesla Model Y is equipped with 4680 lithium-ion battery cells. According to estimates, the base trim of Model Y has a battery capacity of 67.6 kWh, whereas the Long Range and Base trims of Model Y have a battery capacity of 81 kWh.

As far as the charging is concerned, not many auto manufacturers can compete with Tesla. Just like all Teslas, Model Y is laced with DC fast charging capability. This is by far the fastest method of charging the battery pack of your Model.

The network of Tesla Superchargers offers fast charging services to Model Y owners at over 40,000 locations all over the globe. Superchargers are 10-40% (depending upon the location) cheaper as compared to other fast charging solutions.

At a Supercharger, the battery of Model Y can be recharged at a speed of over 162 miles per 15 minutes. However, I always stressed the fact that fast chargers are not meant for regular usage. You should only use them in the hour of imminent need.

The slowest method of charging Model Y is at home. You can add 14 miles of driving range using a single-phase wall plug with 3.7 kW AC power. In total, it would take somewhere between 22-24 hours to charge the battery pack up to 80%.

At a Level-II charging station, you can charge your Tesla Model Y in about 7 hours. The home charging solutions provided by Tesla offers a quick charging service. Tesla Wall Connector is able to replenish the battery pack at a rate of 44 miles per hour. This is quite an amazing speed for a home charger. It means that you no longer have to stand in queues and wait for your turn.

Interior Design and Cargo Space

You can like or hate the interior of the Tesla Model Y, but you can’t ignore it. Upon entering, you are greeted by a large central infotainment screen which has become the trademark of all Tesla Vehicles. The cabin of Model Y is quite spacious and offers plenty of legroom and headroom for the first two rows of seating. However, the overall build quality isn’t very promising.

The cargo space is quite generous if you don’t have an optional third row of seating. With the second row of seats folded, Tesla Model Y offers a cargo volume of 72.1 cubic feet. However, when the second row is not folded, you are only left with a volume of 30.2 cubic feet. In addition to that, you can also enjoy the front trunk of 4.1 cubic feet.

Exterior and Dimensions

Tesla Model Y features a bold exterior. The shape is much similar to the Model 3 Sedan. However, there are a few differences when shifting to the compact crossover or SUV category. One thing remains constant in all Tesla Models, which is they all have an aerodynamic design.

The smooth curves aid the streamlined flow of air. This helps in increasing the range and enhancing the performance. The air drag coefficient of the Tesla Model Y is just 0.23 Cd, all thanks to the attention to detail on the exterior.

The wheelbase extends up to 113.8 inches, while the length, width excluding side mirrors, and height of the Tesla Model Y are 187, 75.6, and 64 inches, respectively. The ground clearance of the Performance trim is only 6.2 inches, whereas the non-performance trims sit at 6.8 inches.

Safety Rating and Features

Tesla Model Y was tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in America and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in Europe. Both organizations have declared that Model Y is completely safe to drive and it doesn’t have any major safety flaws.

In fact, both organizations have awarded Model Y a perfect score in several testing areas. For example, Model Y scored perfectly in side and frontal impact testing. The likelihood of drivers and passengers escaping without any serious injury in case of an accident is fairly bright.

In an independent test conducted by Euro NCAP, Tesla Model Y was able to score 364 out of 400 points, beating over 100 cars being tested. The major reason behind this super safety score is the efficacy of autonomous driving features such as emergency braking and pedestrian safety.

Final Verdict, Should You Buy Tesla Model Y?

Tesla has always been an overpriced brand, in my opinion. However, with reduced prices this year and all the tax credits, I’d say it is high time to try a Tesla. Model Y can be a great start to your Tesla journey. It offers plenty of high-tech features and is completely safe to drive.

Long Range trim provides the best value for money. However, if you want to enjoy the thrill of swift acceleration, you should go for the Performance variant. There is some work required on the interior of Model Y. Other than that, it is a good EV.

This is it from the Tesla Model Y review. What do you like the most about the all-new Tesla Model Y? Would you like to buy it? Let us know in the comments below.