3 Best Electric Dirt Bike Helmets With Goggles For Youth

There is no denying the importance of helmets while riding a two-wheeler. However, in the case of riding an electric dirt bike, it is even more critical to be equipped with a suitable helmet. This way, you can protect yourself against injuries during off-road adventures.

But how an electric dirt bike helmet is different from a regular bike helmet, how to choose one for your kid, and why should you always buy helmets with goggles?

We will find answers to all these questions in addition to the 3 best electric dirt bike helmets with goggles for youth. So, let’s begin!

What is an Electric Dirt Bike Helmet? How is it Different From Regular Bike Helmets?

A electric dirt bike helmet that is specifically designed for use with dirt bikes. Dirt bikes are used for off-road adventures, such as mountain and mud riding, and to perform feats such as high jumps and mid-air twists. As opposed to regular bikes, dirt bikes are much more agile. They have a higher and more dynamic chassis with greater ground clearance and full suspension.

Just like dirt bikes are different from regular bikes, dirt bike helmets are also different from regular bike helmets. You don’t have to face extraordinary circumstances while riding a normal bike, so any helmet would suffice. But a dirt bike helmet should be lightweight and well-ventilated. Plus, it should have a safety certificate from a regulatory body. Only then it’s safe for use.

What are the Benefits of a Wearing a Dirt Bike Helmet?

Dirt bike helmets present all the general advantages of wearing a helmet. However, there are some benefits that are only specific to dirt bike helmets.

Let’s see!

1. Protection From Head and Brain Injuries

To state the obvious, a dirt bike helmet would protect you from head and serious brain injuries in the event of an accident. Dirt bikes are made to be stable during off-road riding. Still, there is always a fear of falling over on turning and twisting roads. To counter the high risk of falling over, it is important that you’re equipped with proper gear.

2. Prevention Against Dirt and Debris

Most dirt bike helmets come with a standard visor. The visor has many benefits. Among those is the protection against dirt and debris. While riding on muddy tracks, you encounter more than usual dirt and debris, which may affect your skin or hurt your eyes. A dirt bike helmet protects you against it.

3. Protection From Harsh Weather

Harsh weather can affect your visibility and riding in general. If you’re wearing a dirt bike helmet, you’re immune to most effects of the harsh weather. A dirt bike helmet also acts as a protective shield in case it starts to rain.

4. Wind and Noise Reduction

While riding at high speed, wind hitting on your face can make it difficult to ride a dirt bike. A helmet keeps the wind from directly coming on to you. In addition to that, a good dirt bike helmet provides some level of noise-proofing. So that you can focus on necessary sounds.

5. Long Hair Protection

Mud and dirt can get into long hair causing permanent damage. However, if you are equipped with a proper dirt bike helmet, your hair is wrapped inside it and is not exposed to the outside.

6. Aesthetically Pleasing

Professional dirt bike helmets usually come with stickers and graphics that are really cool. Apart from all the above-mentioned benefits of a good dirt bike helmet, it also adds a lot of character to your dirt bike riding costume, making it aesthetically pleasing.

How to Choose a Dirt Bike Helmet For Your Kid?

Choosing a dirt bike helmet for your kids can be a challenge. They should find it attractive enough to wear, and it should be safe and well. How to achieve these goals on a budget?

Let’s find out how to choose a dirt bike helmet for your kid!

1. Budget

The first and foremost thing to consider is your budget. A decent dirt bike helmet starts at $50, and prices can go up to $1,000. However, you may be able to find cheaper options.

2. Specifically Designed For Dirt Bikes

Always ask the seller if the helmet is specifically designed for use with dirt bikes. They will show you helmets with durable construction materials, better soundproofing, and foam padding.

3. Safety Rating

Three different types of certification have been developed to make it easier for riders to choose a dirt bike helmet. Out of DOT, Snell, and ECE certifications, ECE is superior as it has the highest impact authentication level. Always check the safety rating before buying a helmet.

4. Sizing

Sizing matters a lot when it comes to a dirt bike helmet. You don’t want your kid’s helmet to be too loose or too tight. As a rule of thumb, when worn, a helmet should not move sideways, and the straps should close on the middle of the chin.

5. Visor or Goggles

Always look for a dirt bike helmet with a visor and goggles. Almost all helmets have a visor, but it is better to ensure that there is one on your helmet. Otherwise, it will be useless for off-roading.

6. Construction Material

Look for a dirt bike helmet that is made from sturdy materials. Some of the best construction materials for a dirt bike helmet are carbon fiber, Polypropylene, and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

7. Good Ventilation

A dirt bike helmet should provide good ventilation. There should be a proper passage of air to avoid suffocation and breathing issues inside the helmet.

8. Brand

It is important to consider the brand before buying a dirt bike helmet. This way, it is assured that you will get what you paid for.

9. Stickers and Design

Many helmets come with stickers and graphics on them. If your kid is into a specific cartoon or anime character, you can look for that particular design and sticker.

Why Should You Buy a Dirt Bike Helmet With Goggles?

Visors come as a standard on most dirt bike helmets. However, it is better to choose one which comes with a separate pair of goggles. This is because a visor can obstruct the full view of your kid when it is raining or at night time.

A set of goggles comes in handy at such a time. You can open the visor for a better view and still be protected against dirt, debris, or water going into your eye. That’s why it is a wise decision to buy a dirt bike helmet that comes with goggles.

3 Best Dirt Bike Helmets With Goggles For Youth

I’ve come up with some decent and budget-friendly dirt bike helmets with goggles for youth in this section. Let’s see!

1. TCT-MT DOT Youth Kids Helmet + Goggles + Gloves ATV Street Dirt Bike Motocross Motorcycle Helmet

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  • This helmet complies with the DOT safety standards.
  • The shell is made from durable, hard, and non-deformative ABS.
  • It has a high amount of padding, which provides layers of protection.
  • It has a multi-vent design to allow fresh air into the helmet.
  • It is available in a variety of sizes so you can choose accordingly.
  • It comes with a pair of goggles, gloves, and a portable bag.
  • It is offered in at least 12 different color options for boys and girls.

2. ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Helmet Goggles Sports Gloves Dirt Bike Motorcycle Off Road DOT Approved B07

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  • It is offered in small, medium, and large sizes.
  • It comes with a pair of gloves and UV-resistant goggles.
  • It has a quality ABS shell and high-density EPS padding.
  • It has FMVSS-218 certification, and it meets DOT Safety Standards.
  • It is designed with multiple vents for better airflow.
  • It comes with breathable and removable cheek pads which absorb sweat.
  • The adjustable sun visor provides a greater field of view.
  • The strong quick-release buckle is very easy to fasten.

3. GLX GX23 Dirt Bike Off-Road Motocross ATV Motorcycle Full Face Helmet for Men Women, DOT Approved

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  • It complies with DOT safety standards.
  • It has a lightweight and elastic design for impact absorption.
  • It has an aerodynamic shell containing an advanced cooling system designed with 14 intake and exhaust vents in total to maximize airflow.
  • It comes with advanced mouthguards and protective screens.
  • It has an adjustable shatter-resistant visor.
  • It is available in a variety of sizes.

Final Word; 3 Best Dirt Bike Helmets With Goggles For Youth

Dirt bike helmets are designed for your off-road adventures. They will protect you from severe injuries in case of an accident while preventing dirt, debris, and wind from entering your eyes. It is wise to look for dirt bike helmets with goggles as they can give you added layers of protection.

Did you like any of the 3 best dirt bike helmets with goggles for youth listed in this article? Let us know in the comments below.