The J1772 to Tesla Adapter: Plug in Anywhere

While owning a Tesla these days has its class, a J1772 to Tesla Adapter is often a necessary expense. There are currently multiple charging standards, and the adapter acts as a bridge. 

Tesla charging stations aren’t in every location (just yet), and that would make it difficult for Tesla owners who have to drive around searching for stations to charge their vehicles. 

The J1772 adapter makes life easier for Tesla owners. The adapter allows charging on a non-Tesla charging station.

What is the J1772 to Tesla adapter?

Chevrolet, BMW, and Nissan, among other electric vehicle brands, use J1772 as a charging standard. But Tesla doesn’t use this standard and instead uses the Tesla connector. 

The problem with the Tesla connector is that it requires exclusive use of a Tesla charging station, of course, unless you have a J1772 adapter. 

The adapter, in this case, is a device that converts the signal from a J1772 charging station into a charge that Tesla recognizes. The implication is that Tesla owners can now plug into any J1772 charging station using the adapter and juice up.

  • Lectron J1772 to Tesla Charging Adapter

    • Plug in Anywhere

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The Benefits of a J1772 to Tesla Adapter

Given that you can plug into any J1772 charging station scattered around the country, using the J1772  adapter gives you much flexibility. You can travel long distances without range anxiety (worrying that your Tesla will empty before you reach your destination). 

With the adapter, the worry of searching for a Tesla charging station is not there, and you can enjoy the drive. 

And talking of enjoying your drive, did you know the Tesla adapter is an excellent conversation starter? The common belief is that you cannot plug a Tesla into a non-Tesla charging station. Imagine the curiosity it’d generate when you pull up at a non-Tesla station and charge up. This presents an opportunity to educate people about the charging standards and make a few friends. 

There’s also the street cred you gain for being resourceful and thinking outside the box. You’re riding a premium electric vehicle and not restricted to particular charging stations. That’s serious street cred!

But perhaps the best merit of the adapter is money savings. Tesla charging station services can cost a pretty penny compared to others. But with a J1772 adapter, you can save up more for other expenses.

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Are there any Downsides?

Like everything else, the J1772 adapter may be close, but not cigar! It is not perfect.

The adapter is not standard equipment for Tesla vehicles. That means you’ll need to spend extra to acquire it. On the other hand, it’s no guarantee that the J1772 adapter will be compatible with all the J1772 stations on your route. This means you may still need to locate a Tesla charging station. 

Also, the J1772 adapter is not a fast charging solution. That means you’ll be limited by the J1772 charging station you’re using. Most J1772 charging stations are typically slower than a Tesla station, and you may feel like you’re spending too much time there. An inconvenience when you’re in a hurry!

Despite the downsides, the J1772 to Tesla adapter is still a vital device in your Tesla storage for more flexibility. Stand out in the world of electric vehicles, and enjoy longer rides without range anxiety.