9 Facts About Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most anticipated vehicles of the next year. It boasts an amazing range and towing figures. Though it remains to be seen if Cybertruck will be able to deliver on these promises, let’s see what it has to offer.

1. The Range of 500 Miles is Extraordinary.

It came as a wonderful surprise that the tri-motor variant of the Tesla Cybertruck will have a range of 500 miles. This is extraordinary, especially if you consider the size, payload, towing capacity, and performance characteristics of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck is expected to be launched in three different variants. The base variant will be powered by a single electric motor on the rear, and it will go up to 250 miles on a single charge. The dual-motor all-wheel-drive variant of the Tesla Cybertruck will have an expected range of 300 miles. This is sufficient to cater to your daily driving needs.

But the most exceptional of all is the tri-motor variant which will go above 500 miles on a single charge. It is important to note that these ranges are only estimates based on preliminary data. They are subject to change as the Cybertruck goes through testing on real roads. The actual range of Cybertruck will depend on various factors, including driving style, terrain, temperature, and more.

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2. It Can Breach the 60 mph Mark in 2.9 seconds.

Tesla Cybertruck is a high-performance electric pickup truck that is designed to offer impressive acceleration, power, and performance. The top-of-the-line tri-motor variant of Cybertruck will be able to breach the 60 mph mark in less than 2.9 seconds.

In my opinion, the best indicator of a car’s performance is the time it takes to breach the 60 mph mark. I say this because 0-60 mph timing factors in the aerodynamic drag, motor power, efficiency of the drivetrain, and all other variable parameters. On this scale, Tesla Cybertruck performs well.

The power numbers of the Tesla Cybertruck are also above average. The tri-motor variant of the Tesla Cybertruck will produce a peak power of 805 hp. Similarly, the dual-motor AWD version will produce around 600 hp. The power output of the base single-motor trim will be between 400 and 500 hp. Less than 2.9 sec time for 0-60 mph indicates an efficient and effective transmission.

3. It Has a Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel Exterior

The exterior of the Tesla Cybertruck is what everyone seems to be talking about. The shape in itself is quite unconventional. Many experts were skeptical about the choice of blunt faces and sharp corners with edges for the exterior. But aerodynamic analysis of the Tesla Cybertruck has shown that despite the unconventional shape, it allows for a seamless flow of air over it.

The exterior shape of the Tesla Cybertruck has a futuristic and angular appearance. The body is made of ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel. According to Tesla, the outer body of Cybertruck is nearly impenetrable and provides enhanced durability and protection. The front of the Cybertruck has a wedge-like shape with a pointed nose and a flat hood.

On the rear, you get a tapered back which is deep-sloped at the end. The sides of the Cybertruck are completely flat. It has no curved or rounded edges, giving it a sharp, geometric appearance. The Cybertruck also features a unique set of headlights that stretch across the entire width of the vehicle. These lights give it a distinctive look.

Similarly, the rear of the vehicle is equipped with a full-width LED light bar. It not only improves visibility but also adds to the futuristic aesthetic of the Tesla Cybertruck. Overall, the exterior shape of the Tesla Cybertruck is unlike any other pickup truck on the market. The bold and unconventional design sets it apart from other EV trucks on the market.

4. It Has Versatile Cargo Space

If you have to summarize the cargo space of the Tesla Cybertruck in one word, that would be customizable. It will cater to the needs of everyone. No matter if you’re an offroad enthusiast who likes to take their truck out in the woods or someone who uses it for regular commutes. Tesla Cybertruck will suit your particular needs.

Tesla Cybertruck features a unique design for the rear compartment. Due to the flat faces on either side, Tesla Cybertruck has no wheel wells or fender flares. Thanks to this, you get a completely flat bed. There is no hindrance in loading and unloading items whatsoever. Even if there was any hindrance, Tesla has removed it by giving you the option of an adjustable tailgate.

The adjustable tailgate of the Tesla Cybertruck can be lowered or raised to accommodate larger items. Plus, you get plenty of storage space on the front as well. Unlike a gas-powered car, Tesla Cybertruck has no engine, so the front compartment is completely empty. You can use it to store your luggage and extra supplies while off-roading.

Another notable feature of the Cybertruck’s cargo space is the built-in retractable tonneau cover. You can easily open or close it with the touch of a button. This adds to the security of items stored in the back of the Tesla Cybertruck while reducing air drag due to a meticulous design.

5. It is Laced With Adjustable Air Suspension.

To provide you with the necessary comfort, Tesla Cybertruck is equipped with an adjustable air suspension. It uses four air springs, one at each corner, to adjust the height of the suspension. This not only adds to the versatility of the suspension but also ensures that your Cybertruck can adapt to different kinds of road conditions, off-road terrain, or steep inclines.

Many people think that air suspension is something associated with off-road driving. While this is true in some cases, air suspension improves the handling and stability of a car in general. As for the Tesla Cybertruck, an automated system can adjust the suspension height based on factors such as vehicle speed, steering angle, and road surface, providing improved control and stability.

6. It Can Tow Over 14,000 lbs.

Tesla Cybertruck won’t disappoint you with its towing capacity. It comes with the highest towing capacity for any Tesla model to date. You can easily tow up to 14,000 lbs with your Tesla Cybertruck. Mind you; this is the towing capacity of the top tri-motor variant. The base variants might have a slightly lower towing capacity as it is directly linked to the motor output.

It is not only the motors that decide the towing capacity of a vehicle. Rather, the combination of suspension, advanced towing technology, and a sturdy frame. Tesla Cybertruck has aced in all three departments. It has an adjustable air suspension, plus the truck includes built-in trailer sway control, which helps to detect and mitigate any swaying or instability caused by the towed load.

7. It has a Futuristic Interior

Futuristic sums up the interior of the Tesla Cybertruck. But this doesn’t mean it is any less practical. The interior will feature a central touchscreen, which has become a trademark of all Tesla models. Using this screen, you would be able to access most of the vehicle’s functions and settings.

The seats Tesla Cybertruck are designed with comfort and functionality in mind. They are made out of durable and easy-to-clean material. It is pretty obvious that Tesla Cybertruck will feature heated and ventilated seats that will provide added comfort in extreme temperatures.

8. It Will Be Laced With a 250 kW Fast-Charging Capability

Like other Tesla models, Cybertruck will be laced with a fast-charging capability. On a Tesla supercharger, you would be able to replenish the range of your Cybertruck at a rate of 440 miles per hour. This means that you would be able to charge the batteries of a Tesla Cybertruck from 10-80% in 44 minutes. Bear in mind that Tesla Cybertruck has a battery pack of 200 kWh.

The base variants might feature a smaller battery pack. But for a car with 500 miles range and a 200 kWh battery pack, it is amazing if you can charge it in less than 44 minutes. At a regular home socket, Tesla Cybertruck will take 21 hours and 30 minutes to recharge its batteries.

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9. It Will Have an Entry Price of Under $40,000.

Considering the impressive range and fast-charging ability of the Tesla Cybertruck, the entry price of $39,900 is quite spectacular. However, this is the pricing of the base single-motor variant of the Tesla Cybertruck. The upper trims will have a higher price. The expected price of the dual-motor AWD variant is $49,900, while it can go up to $69,900 for the tri-motor version.

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Final Word, 9 Facts About Tesla Cybertruck

Overall, Tesla Cybertruck will be a worthy addition to the market of mid-sized trucks. It has impressive performance and an above-average towing capacity. The range of 500 miles is something we all are looking forward to. The fact that a truck weighing in excess of 6,500 lbs is capable of breaching the 60 mph mark in less than 2.9 seconds shows how good it is.

You get the amazing benefits of a versatile cargo space, a roomy cabin, advanced ADAS systems, adjustable air suspension, and many more. I would say Tesla Cybertruck is worth the wait.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you guys!