2023 Mercedes Benz EQS: The Longest Range Electric Car

Mercedes Benz EQS holds the current record for the longest-range electric car in the world. It has a range of 453 miles, as claimed by the company. Mercedes has a reputation for being an innovator in the automobile industry. It has also been the case in making a shift towards electric cars.

The experimentation of Mercedes with electric drivetrains and battery-powered vehicles can be traced back to 1906. This is the time back when Daimler-Motoren-Commanditgesellschaft in Austria launched its first series of electric cars.

The first electric car was a Mercedes Electrique. Another one, the Mercedes Mixte, was introduced with a hybrid drive. The experiments with electric cars continued through the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s. And the latest EQ series was finally launched in 2016,

Although many other models like EQA, EQB, EQC, and EQE were launched before EQS, none of them shot to sudden popularity. In this article, we will see what is so special about this car and does it really have the longest electric car range in the world.

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What’s Under the Hood of the 2023 Mercedes Benz EQS?

Mercedes Benz EQS is offered in three different trim levels. The EQS 450+, the EQS 450 4Matic, and the EQS 580 4Matic. Each of these trims is powered by a separate power and drivetrain.

The basic EQS 450+ is offered with a single motor on the front. It has a power output of 329 hp which is produced at a torque of 417 lb-ft. This is the only trim in the EQS lineup that does not offer the all-wheel drive option. But this is also the one with the longest range.

After the base trim, there comes the EQS 450 4Matic trim. This is a slight improvement on the base trim as it offers the all-wheel drive functionality. It is powered by twin motors, one placed on the front wheel and another one in the middle.

The combined power output of EQS 450 4Matic motors is about 355 hp. The most notable and worthy stat is the torque of 590 lb-ft at which this power is produced. Due to the addition of an extra motor, it is a great upgrade for a second-tier trim.

Then finally, there is the EQS 580 4Matic trim. This trim has larger motors and is also offered with an all-wheel drive capability. It is laced with synchronous AC motors on the front and mid. Though the mid motor provides power to both the rear wheels, hence the all-wheel drive capability.

The total power output of this system sits at an impressive 516 hp with 611 lb-ft of torque. These stats make EQS 580 4Matic the fastest of the lot. But this also means that it has the shortest range among all the other trims of the EQS.

What is the Zero to 60 mph Time?

The best indicator to gauge the performance of a car is 0 to 60 mph time. Though all-electric cars are known to have swift acceleration. Since there is no lag in the power delivery process of an electric car. Power is generated by the motors and directly fed to the wheels.

The 0-60 time of the base EQS 450+ model sits at 5.4 seconds, and that of the EQS 450 4Matic at about 4.9 seconds. The fastest and most powerful trim of all is the EQS 580 4Matic. It can go from zero to 60 mph in less than 3.7 seconds.

Despite the fact that electric cars are very swift, the EQS series is not packed with punchy acceleration. This is because the drive comfort and riding stability have been given more importance than a power packed experience. Hence, you won’t find these cars to be the fastest of all.

What are the Battery Size and the Range?

All the trims of the Mercedes Benz EQS are powered by the same 107.8 kWh battery. This battery size is more than most of its rivals and also packs more charge in lesser space. This is why the EQS series gives the best electric range in the world.

The trim which officially holds the current record of the longest-range electric car in the world is the EQS 450+. The company claims that this variant has a range of 453 miles. This puts it about 50 miles ahead of the second contender on the list of electric cars with the longest range. The next best thing is the Tesla Model S which has a claimed range of 405 miles.

The range of the other two trims of the EQS is also impressive. The EQS 450 4Matic has a driving range of about 410 miles. This would still put it ahead of the Tesla Model S and other contenders on the world’s list of longest-range electric cars in 2023.

The performance-oriented top-of-the-line variant, EQS 580 4Matic, offers a driving range of up to 390 miles. This is an impressive figure considering the all-wheel drive capability and highly powerful motors of the EQS 580 4Matic.

What is the Charging Time of the 2023 Mercedes Benz EQS?

At a DC fast charging station, it would take about 31 minutes to fully charge your Mercedes Benz EQS. As all the variants have a battery size of 107.8 kWh, the charging time is also the same.

As you might know that charging stations are classified as level-I, II, and III. The slowest of all are level-I chargers which are usually at home. Mercedes Benz EQS comes with a 22 W on-board charger. With this, you can charge your EQS in 17 hours.

Similarly, at a level 2 charging station, it would take at least 7-8 hours to fully charge your battery. DC fast charging stations are the fastest points to charge your EQS. But the fast charging capability of EQS is capped at 200 kW instead of 350 kW like Tesla and Hyundai.

This is why it takes nearly 31 mins to fully charge your Mercedes Benz EQS at a level-III charging station. The company claims that you can regain a range of 100 miles in only 15 mins. This is slightly slower than competitors like the Hyundai Ioniq 6. As it would take about 10 mins to regain 100 miles range on a Hyundai Ioniq 6.

This is one area where there is room for improvement. All modern electric cars are equipped with 350 kW DC fast charging capability. Mercedes should also upgrade the charging tech of their vehicles to keep up with the competition.

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What are the Best Features of the 2023 Mercedes Benz EQS?

Nobody makes cars quite like Germans. They have all the top-notch luxury and comfort features. In fact, German automakers are the pioneers of many cutting-edge features which all auto companies have replicated in their cars.

There are a ton of standard features in the Mercedes Benz EQS. Some of these include adaptive air suspension, gas-pressurized shock absorbers, regenerative 4-wheel disc brakes, speed sensitive rain sensing wipers, express open/close sliding and tilting glass panorama, 1st-row sunroof with power sunshade, and the optionally available MBUX interior assistant.

The MBUX assistant learns from your actions and routines. More than 80% of the actions performed by passengers in the car are automatically completed by the MBUX assistant. In short, EQS is loaded with modern features that are sure to make your ride comfortable.

Is it Safe to Drive the 2023 Mercedes Benz EQS?

Mercedes Benz EQS has been given the highest possible 5-star rating in Euro NCAP (The European New Car Assessment Programme) testing. There are four categories in which the cars are tested. The child occupant, adult occupant, vulnerable road user, and safety assist.

Mercedes Benz EQS scored 96% in adult occupants, 91% in child occupant, 76% in vulnerable road users, and 80% in safety assist. These scores are really exceptional. Especially if you understand the categories of vulnerable road user and safety assistance.

80% score of the safety assist category shows that all the driver assist tech of EQS works perfectly well. A driver can rely on it. Similarly, a 76% score in the vulnerable road users category shows that the extent of injury to pedestrians in case of collision is minimal.

Final Word; The Longest Range Electric Car Mercedes Benz EQS

The company claims that EQS 450+ can give a total driving range of 453 miles on a single charge. Real-life testing has shown that you can achieve 90% of this range with ease. It means you can go as far as 410 miles in real life scenario.

This is very impressive as Mercedes has set a new benchmark for other manufacturers with EQS. We’re anticipating that upcoming models of Tesla will breach the 500 miles mark for the first. With the advancement of battery and drivetrain technology, we’re getting closer to a better driving range every passing day.

So, yes, currently, the Mercedes Benz EQS is the longest-range electric car in the world. But for how long it will be able to keep this title would be interesting to see. What are your thoughts on this matter? Do let us know in the comment section down below!