15 Frequently Asked Questions About Tesla Frunk

Tesla has been a pioneer of many features in electric vehicles. Whether it be driving range, advanced assistance in the form of autopilot, or comfort, Tesla has always come up with something different. Tesla’s frunk might not be as unique as some other features of Tesla.

However, it is still worth discussing. What is it? How do you open and close it? Let’s learn everything there is to know about Tesla frunk in this article.

1. What is a Tesla Frunk?

The storage unit provided under the front hood of Teslas is known as a Tesla Frunk. The name Frunk comes from “Front” and “Trunk”. In a gas-powered car, the front hood houses an internal combustion engine. However, there is no ICE in a Tesla.

Instead, Tesla substitutes an ICE with electric motors. Therefore, the area under the front hood is vacated. Instead of leaving it alone, Tesla decided to do something innovative with it and turn this space into a storage unit for luggage.

2. How Much Luggage Can be Stored in the Frunk of a Tesla?

Quite a bit. The frunk of a Tesla can hold somewhere between 1 to 3 medium-sized suitcases, depending upon the model and variant you’re using. You can also fit one full-sized suitcase. 

However, Tesla recommends evenly distributing the luggage between the front and rear trunks for stability and the best driving experience.

3. How Do You Open the Tesla Front Trunk?

After putting your Tesla in the park, there are three ways to open the front trunk.

  • Access from Touchscreen: You can open the front trunk with the help of the associated menu on the touchscreen.
  • Open with Key Fob: You can open the front trunk by double-pressing the front trunk button on your Tesla key fob.
  • Use Mobile App: You can also access the front trunk using an option on your mobile app. Simply press the open button in the Tesla app to open the front trunk.

4. How Do You Close the Tesla Front Trunk?

The steps to close a Tesla front trunk are quite similar to closing a regular bonnet. 

  • Lower the hood until it strikes the latches.
  • Firmly place your palms on either side of the front end.
  • Apply pressure until the latches are engaged and the hood is locked in.

5. What is the Size of the Front Trunk in the Tesla Model X?

6.5 cubic feet or 183 liters

6. What is the Size of the Front Trunk in the Tesla Model S?

3.1 cubic feet or 89 liters

7. What is the Size of the Front Trunk in the Tesla Model Y?

4.1 cubic feet or 117 liters

8. What is the Size of the Front Trunk in the Tesla Model 3?

3.1 cubic feet or 88 liters

9. Which Tesla has the Largest Front Trunk?

Tesla Model X officially has the largest front trunk among all other models of Tesla. It can store up to 6.5 cubic feet of luggage. The overall cargo space of Model X is quite generous. It offers a maximum cargo volume of 91.6 cubic feet behind the front row of seating.

10. When Does the Tesla Front Trunk Get Locked?

There are five scenarios where the Tesla front trunk gets locked:

  • You can lock the front trunk by using the option on the touchscreen.
  • You can lock the front trunk by pressing a button on your Tesla key fob.
  • You can use the mobile app to lock the front trunk.
  • You can leave the car with your key, and the front trunk will get locked.
  • You can activate the valet mode to lock the front trunk.

11. What Happens if You Accidently Leave the Tesla Frunk Open?

If you accidentally leave the Tesla front trunk open, you will receive a notification on your touchscreen when you are trying to shift out of the park. However, you can choose to ignore the notification and drive with your front trunk open. But it will limit your top speed.

12. What is the Loading Limit of the Tesla Front Trunk?

Tesla recommends loading no more than 110 lbs. (50 kg) in the front trunk.

13. What if You Get Locked Inside the Tesla Front Trunk?

There is no need to worry if you’ve accidentally locked yourself in the front trunk of a Tesla. Tesla has placed an interior emergency release button for such a scenario. In case you’re locked in, just press the emergency release button located on the front side in the middle.

14. Is the Tesla Front Trunk Larger than its Rear Storage?

Not really. The rear storage of a Tesla is much larger than its front trunk. The front trunk gives you that extra bit of storage; however, the rear trunk offers a cargo space of 10-20 times more, depending upon the model and the variant you’re using.

15. Is Tesla Frunk Really Useful?

There is never a downside to having extra cargo space. Tesla Frunk provides a solution to the storage needs of a large family on a long journey. So, yes, the Tesla front trunk is quite useful.