3 Best Hybrid Conversion Kits For Car

Hybrid cars give you the best of both worlds, unmatched fuel mileage, and an internal combustion engine as your backup in case batteries run out of juice. Just like you can convert any car to electric (read our article on EV conversion kits as well) using an EV conversion kit, you can also convert to hybrid using the hybrid conversion kit for a car.

Let’s explore the 3 best hybrid conversion kits for cars!

Top Hybrid Conversion Kits For Car

1. SIA ECOSYS 4000W 10 kW Peak V3 Brushless Electric Car Hub Motor Hybrid Conversion Kits

Sia Ecosys hybrid conversion kit comes with almost all the supplies required for hybrid car conversion. This kit includes two 4000W 40H V3 electric car hub motors, two KLS7245H controllers, one throttle pedal one 18-E speedometer, and a hydraulic disc brake system with disc brake plates. The BLDC permanent magnet motor in this kit is efficient and powerful.

You can also convert to a fully electric car with this hybrid conversion kit. The motors can be directly installed on the axles which makes the conversion process very straightforward. The kit is based on modern hybrid vehicle design and it can support regenerative braking as well. The only drawback of this conversion kit is that there are no batteries or chargers in it.

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2. Uni Technology 5 kW 72V Traction Motor 1:8 Ratio Gearbox Hybrid Car Conversion Kit

Uni Tech’s hybrid car conversion kit is an affordable way to convert your gas-powered car to a hybrid. The kit consists of three main items. First, you will get a 5 kW AC motor. This motor uses pure copper winding thanks to which it is highly efficient and reliable. The motor can provide a torque of up to 80 Nm which is sufficient for daily commuting.

The second item in this kit is a controller specially designed for its motor. This controller is programmable and provides a regenerative braking effect. At last, you will get a rear axle assembly for easy and hassle-free conversion to an electric or hybrid car.

3. Synmot EV Motor Conversion Kit for High-Speed Electric Car Hybrid Car Conversion Kit

Synmot hybrid car conversion kit is not a complete kit rather it only comprises a powerful motor and controller. Adding a few more side components to this kit will help you with the conversion process. The permanent magnet synchronous motor of this kit is very efficient and accurate.

The power of this motor is rated between 15 and 50 kW. The torque may vary up to 191 Nm. This is some serious power. If the conversion is done right, the converted car will have swift acceleration and high power.

Final Word, Best Hybrid Conversion Kits For Car

Hybrid conversion kits for cars are hard to find. However, these are a few options on the market. I hope you like these products. What are your thoughts on hybrid car conversion? Is it worth it? Let us know in the comments below.