Canoo Electric Vehicles

Canoo is an EV startup based in the US. The company came to light when it struck deals with Walmart, Zeeba, and NASA. Canoo is looking to become the next big thing in the delivery industry of the US by providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions to delivery problems.

Let’s see the lineup of Canoo electric vehicles, its history, and where it was founded. Without further ado, let’s begin!

History of Canoo Electric Vehicles

Stefan Krause and Ulrich Kranz founded Canoo Inc., commonly known as Canoo electric vehicles, in 2017. They developed the startup in Torrance, California, as a manufacturer of innovative and futuristic electric vehicles. Canoo has plans to launch electric trucks, multi-purpose delivery vans, tactical vehicles, and minibusses.

The company does have a direct-to-consumer vision, but right now, its main focus lies in selling its vehicles to fleet customers such as NASA, Walmart, and Zeeba. Canoo has a very elaborate research and development team based in Auburn Hills, Livonia. This team consists of leaders and innovators from prestigious automotive companies.

In short, the history of Canoo electric vehicles isn’t that old. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that it hasn’t even begun yet. We cannot determine the actual reliability and effectiveness offered by the automaker until its vehicles are made available to the general audience. However, judging by first looks and test drives, Canoo will be a force to reckon with.

Canoo Vs. Other EV Companies

Canoo was born in the wave of EV startups that had taken the US by storm. The advantage of being an EV startup is that you’re not bound by any previous legacy. There is a chance that you can be a real innovator. That has certainly been the case with Canoo. The company has decided its course much different from all its competitors.

Canoo is looking to entirely disrupt the transportation industry. The top competitors of Canoo electric vehicles are Ford, Chevrolet, and Ram. These companies have the largest share of the transportation industry in the US. Their models, such as Chevrolet Express, Ford Transit, Ram Pro Master, and GMC Savana, are extremely popular with delivery companies.

However, given that electric is the way to go forward, Ford and Mercedes are going to launch their electric delivery vans soon. Ford E-Transit and Mercedes eSprinter would soon arrive on the market to give tough competition to Canoo MPDV.

But one thing is apparent Canoo has the first-mover advantage in this segment, and they have efficiently designed EVs to back their claim. Nonetheless, the actual on-road performance and safety of Canoo vehicles is yet to be tested.

Canoo Electric Car Lineup

Currently, there are four vehicles in the electric car lineup of Canoo. In fact, all these vehicles are in the preorder stage. These vehicles are only made available for test drives. So, we know very little about the capability of these vehicles.

Let’s analyze and review everything we know so far about Canoo electric cars. We’ll see their range, battery capacity, and charging infrastructure, among other things.

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle

Canoo lifestyle vehicle has become the talk of the town ever since it was revealed. It doesn’t remotely resemble any car or truck available on the market right now. It is a combination of unconventional design ideology and cutting-edge features that exceed industrial expectations.  Canoo has confirmed that for the first year, Canoo lifestyle vehicles will only be sold to fleet customers. Some confirmed orders of the lifestyle vehicle are by Walmart, Zeeba, and NASA.

Canoo lifestyle vehicles will be offered in at least four different trim levels. The Delivery, Base, Premium, and Adventure trims will fulfill a specific purpose each. The delivery trim will have room for a single or two persons. The base trim will get five seats, whereas the premium and adventure trims will be seven-seaters. At a DC fast charging station, the Canoo lifestyle vehicle’s 80 kWh battery pack can achieve a charge from 10% to 80% in less than 28 minutes.

The powertrain design of the Canoo lifestyle vehicle is very unique. It comes with a rear-mounted 200-pound motor that is capable of churning out 350 hp at 304 lb-ft torque. Now the unique part is that the output of the motor can be programmed between 200 and 350 hp. The lower horsepower setting will enable users to avoid wear and tear and help increase the lifespan of the motor. At the same time, a higher horsepower setting will deliver more power and an exciting drive.

But the test drives suggest that Canoo lifestyle vehicles miss the factor of swift acceleration. However, I wouldn’t mind that. Canoo lifestyle vehicle is intended for a very different purpose. Plus, it is offered at an extremely affordable price of $39,950. At this price, it guarantees more than 200 miles of driving range and a cargo volume of over 121 cubic feet.

Canoo Pick Up Truck

Canoo Pickup Truck is going to be an exciting proposition. It will be a mix of revolutionary EV-startup-like design and practicality. On the one hand, it offers extraordinary features, while on the other hand, it has a strong powertrain and competitive driving range. The front end of the Canoo pickup truck very much resembles the lifestyle vehicle. Canoo pickup truck has the same uplifted look with signature T-style LED headlights and DRLs of Canoo.

Canoo Pickup Truck will be offered in two different drivetrain options. A base single-motor rear-wheel drive variant will come with a rear-mounted motor that can generate up to 300 hp at 332 lb-ft of torque. The upper all-wheel drive variant will come with dual motors. The combined output of these motors will be over 600 hp at 550 lb-ft. This puts Canoo Pickup Truck right in the league of A-listers like the Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T, and GMC Hummer EV SUT.

These trucks might take the lead on Canoo when it comes to the driving range and conventional design. Canoo pickup truck is laced with a standard lithium-ion battery pack of 80 kWh. The upper variant can go up to 200 miles between charges, whereas the base variant might go a bit longer. However, when it comes to unique features like safe-step, pull-out beds, and dual flip-down tables, Canoo has surely got out attention and an edge over conventional automakers.

In case you’re wondering, a safe step is a pull-out platform/storage unit to keep tools and access the bed and roof rack in one single step. The pull-out bed feature extends the regular 4 ft x 6 ft rear bed to 4 ft x 8 ft to enjoy the benefits. In short, the Canoo pickup truck has a lot to offer. If you’re looking for the right mix of power, practicality, and high-end features, Canoo is the way to go.

Canoo Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle

Canoo designed the multi-purpose delivery van with the purpose of offering maximum productivity, efficiency, and cargo volume. It provides substantial cost savings over conventional delivery vehicles. This is quite helpful for small businesses. Canoo MPDV is laced with a permanent magnet motor producing 200 hp at 236 lb-ft of torque. It will also come with a 2.5 autonomous driving capability which is equal to Tesla autopilot.

Canoo MPDV is offered in two different versions. The smaller one will be called MPDV1, and the bigger one will be named MPDV2. The company plans to extend the line of MPDVs with a third one. Canoo MPDV1 and MPDV2 will be offered with three different battery pack options. The 40, 60, and 80 kWh. On each of these battery packs, MPDV1 can go up to 130, 190, and 230 miles, whereas MPDV2 can go 90, 140, and 190 miles on 40, 60, and 80 kWh batteries, respectively.

Canoo MPDV will also support DC fast charging. It will regain its driving range up to 80% in less than 28 minutes at a rapid charger. So far, no safety tests have been conducted on Canoo vehicles. But since everything in Canoo vehicles is according to industrial standards, we expect these vehicles to be perfectly safe for driving.

Canoo U.S. Army Light Tactical Vehicle

Canoo Truck will be custom-fitted for the US Army. However, there are no confirmed reports for that yet. The company has unveiled the camouflage-colored Pickup Truck with carbon-Kevlar reinforced body panels, which means that Canoo tactical vehicle will be bullet-proof against light-arm bullets. The cabin can accommodate up to two soldiers, and the military retro-fitted it for use.

Canoo light tactical vehicle (LTV) offers multiple benefits, such as stealth and bidirectional charging. It has amazing stealth power due to its electric drivetrain. Canoo LTV is extremely quiet and emits little to no heat signature. There is very little competition in the space of light tactical vehicles. So, there is a bright chance that a deal will take place between the US Army and Canoo.

Final Word, Canoo Electric Vehicles

Canoo electric vehicles bring a breath of fresh air to a transportation industry motivated towards a cost-effective and efficient solution. If Canoo is able to deliver on the promises made to its customers, it may emerge as the sole leader in the US delivery industry. What are your thoughts on the Canoo electric vehicles? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you guys!