VW Beetle Electric Conversion Kit

The Beetle is the legacy model of Volkswagen. Beetle-1 was launched by the company in 1938, and it was produced until 2003. For 65 years, it was one of the most popular cars in the economy segment. VW Beetles were solid build, small-sized cars.

This is why you can commonly see many VW Beetle running on the roads even today. Wouldn’t it be great if you could convert your VW Beetle that has been sitting in the garage for years to electric? We’ve come up with an article about VW Beetle electric conversion kit.

We’ll find the best VW Beetle electric car conversion kit for you in this article. So, without any further ado, let’s start!

Electric VW Beetle Conversion Kit

Is it a Good Idea to Convert VW Beetle to Electric?

Yes, VW Beetle is one of the most suited cars for conversion to electric. Theoretically, any petrol car can be converted to electric. But let’s just say that some cars are easier to convert than others. VW Beetle is one of those cars that can be easily converted.

You will commonly find EV conversion kits that are specifically designed for VW Beetle. In addition to that, there are many video tutorials on YouTube for Beetle conversion. On top of that, Volkswagen is providing assistance to owners who want to convert their vintage Beetles.

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Which is the Best VW Beetle Electric Conversion Kit?

There are many options available when it comes to the conversion of VW Beetle to electric. However, HypE is my personal favorite and most professional EV conversion kit for Volkswagen Beetle. It is offered in two different voltage options. But we’ll discuss the one with the higher maximum voltage as it offers a healthier horsepower.

The HypE conversion kit for Volkswagen Beetle is a complete solution. Once you buy this kit, there won’t be any need to go looking around for spare parts. In addition to being compatible with the classic Beetle, the HypE conversion kit is also compatible with cars like Volkswagen T1, Volkswagen T2, and Karman Ghia.

The best part about the HypE EV conversion kit is that it doesn’t come with loose parts. Most of the kit is pre-assembled. You get a drive box instead of a loose motor. This box includes a 90 kW motor, DC-DC inverter, main fuse, control electronics, simplified charge controller, and a drive lock. The kit is in compliance with EU Automotive R100 rules.

In addition to that, you will get a Curtis PB-6 throttle pot box specially designed for VW Beetle. The kit also includes a gearbox adapter unit and adapter shaft. This helps with the seamless connection between the existing gearbox of Volkswagen and the electric motor.

HypE VW Beetle electric conversion kit also offers an optional lithium-ion battery pack with a charger and a battery management system. You can choose from the various options for battery capacity. EV Europe can also design battery trays for you upon request.

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Final Word, VW Beetle Electric Conversion Kit

Overall, the HypE EV by EV Europe is the best VW Beetle electric conversion kit. It includes a powerful motor, and you can choose among various battery options. The kit comes highly assembled, so very little work is required for the final conversion.

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Have you converted a gas-powered car to an EV using a conversion kit? How has your experience been? Let us know in the comments below.